Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets

I couldn't find the Morse code anywhere on the net so I thought I would type it in along with some of the World's phonetic alphabets.

Brian Kelk of Cambridge has compiled a far larger collection of phonetic alphabets, there is a full version and a brief version.

The alphabet that the British emergency services use is the NATO one.

If you want to translate quickly to or from Morse code use the Morse Code Translator.

         Morse   English       American      International International NATO &        American      Italian       German        
                               (ex military)               (ex aero?)    international (police)                                  

A        .-      Andrew        Abel          Amsterdam     Alfa          Alfa          Adam          Ancona        Anton         
Ä        .-.-                                                                                                      Ärger    
Á        .--.-                                                                                                                   
Å        .--.-                                                                                                                   
B        -...    Benjamin      Baker         Baltimore     Bravo         Bravo         Boy           Bologna       Berta         
C        -.-.    Charlie       Charlie       Casablanca    Coca          Charlie       Charlie       Como          Cäsar    
Ch       ----                                                                                                      Charlotte     
D        -..     David         Dog           Denmark       Delta         Delta         David         Domodossola   Dora          
E        .       Edward        Easy          Edison        Echo          Echo          Edward        Empoli        Emil          
É        ..-..                                                                                                                   
F        ..-.    Frederick     Fox           Florida       Foxtrot       Foxtrot       Frank         Firenze       Friedrich     
G        --.     George        George        Gallipoli     Golf          Golf          George        Genova        Gustav        
H        ....    Harry         How           Havana        Hotel         Hotel         Henry         Hotel         Heinrich      
I        ..      Isaac         Item          Italy         India         India         Ida           Imola         Ida           
J        .---    Jack          Jig           Jerusalem     Juliet        Juliet        John          I lunga       Julius        
K        -.-     King          King          Kilogram      Kilo          Kilo          King          Kursaal       Kaufmann      
L        .-..    Lucy          Love          Liverpool     Lima          Lima          Lincoln       Livorno       Ludwig        
M        --      Mary          Mike          Madagascar    Metro         Mike          Mary          Milano        Martha        
N        -.      Nelli         Nan           New York      Nectar        November      Nora          Napoli        Nordpol       
Ñ        --.--                                                                                                                   
O        ---     Oliver        Oboe          Oslo          Oscar         Oscar         Ocean         Otranto       Otto          
Ö        ---.                                                                                                      Ökkonom  
P        .--.    Peter         Peter         Paris         Papa          Papa          Paul          Padova        Paula         
Q        --.-    Queenie       Queen         Quebec        Quebec        Quebec        Queen         Quarto        Quelle        
R        .-.     Robert        Roger         Roma          Romeo         Romeo         Robert        Roma          Richard       
S        ...     Sugar         Sugar         Santiago      Siera         Sierra        Sam           Savona        Samuel        
Sch                                                                                                                Schule        
T        -       Tommy         Tare          Tripoli       Tango         Tango         Tom           Torino        Theodor       
U        ..-     Uncle         Uncle         Uppsala       Union         Uniform       Union         Udine         Ulrich        
Ü        ..--                                                                                                      Übermut  
V        ...-    Victor        Victor        Valencia      Victor        Victor        Victor        Venezia       Viktor        
W        .--     William       William       Washington    Whisky        Whisky        William       Washington    Wilhelm       
X        -..-    Xmas          X (eks)       Xanthippe     Extra         X-ray         X-ray         Ics           Xanthippe     
Y        -.--    Yellow        Yoke          Yokohama      Yankee        Yankee        Young         York          Ypsilon       
Z        --..    Zebra         Zebra         Zürich        Zulu          Zulu          Zebra         Zara          Zeppelin      

In the Morse Code there also exist codes for numbers and punctuation:

1	 .----     Full-stop (period)	   .-.-.-
2	 ..---	   Comma		   --..--
3	 ...--	   Colon		   ---...
4	 ....-	   Question mark (query)   ..--..
5	 .....     Apostrophe		   .----.
6	 -....	   Hyphen		   -....-
7	 --...     Fraction bar		   -..-. 
8	 ---..	   Brackets (parentheses)  -.--.-
9	 ----.	   Quotation marks	   .-..-.
0	 -----

If the duration of a dot is taken to be one unit then that of a dash is three units. The space between the components of one character is one unit, between characters is three units and between words six units (five for automatic transmission). To indicate that a mistake has been made and for the receiver to delete the last word send ........ (eight dots).
This info came from and was ripped w/o their permission... It's still fun.

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Last updated 26/3/1996