wmarow's iops calculator
This tool is used to calculate the performance and capacity of disk drives, disk arrays and SSD arrays. Based on the parameters of drives, their quantity in the array, RAID level and nature of workload calculates the number of average random IOPS and actual capacity of the array.

The original page was discontinued as Marek moved into Photography. As such, I pulled it from Archive.ORG, and put it here for my own use.

HDD     SSD (new)
drive capacity (GB) (?)
disk rotational speed (RPM) (?)
average rotation latency (ms) (?)
average disk seek latency (ms) (?)
average drive operating power (W) (?)
SSD read IOPS (?)
SSD write IOPS (?)
RAID level (?)
stripe size (KiB) (?)
number of drives in the array (?)
drives used in the calculation (?)
reads (%) (?)
writes (%) (?)
read cache hit ratio (%) (?)
write cache hit ratio (%) (?)
average I/O size (KiB) (?)
queue length and IOPS(?)
number of FC ports in the server (?)
average I/O service time (ms) (?)
FC port queue depth (?)
lun queue depth (?)
drive capacity (GiB)
average random drive IOPS (?)
drive access density (IOPS/GiB)
array native capacity (GiB) (?)
array usable capacity (GiB) (?)
power consumption of drives (W) (?)
average random IOPS (?)
bandwidth (MiB/s) (?)
maximum host IOPS (?)
maximum lun IOPS (?)
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