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NS1.OMNITECH.NET - Since 1994

OmniTech Industries, and this server or some incarnation of it, has been the name server, web server, and other functions for several customers as well as our office since 1994. As of 2009-10-23, this server is the DMZ and intranet server for our office. All hosting fuctions have been migrated/outsourced to DreamHost. (Use promo code XAMINMO1 on sign-up to save $50 off your first year.) Status updates are still provided at Our primary, yet aged website is still

If you are a customer with technical needs, please contact Josh-D. S. Davis via email to jdavis at omnitech dot net.

We are unrelated to the Bangladeshi company who picked up the same name around 2010 for home electronics, but we're also not large enough to go complain internationally over brand dilution.
If you are looking for help with your GPS, this is NOT the place to go.

Thanks and have a great day!


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